2018/2019 Advertising & Sponsorship

Crow Wood Equestrian is a premium equine facility based in the North West of England. We are an approved British Dressage competition centre, holding biweekly affiliated and unaffiliated competitions. We run regular Combined Training Competitions, Clinics and Demonstrations with various top riders from all different disciplines. We attract a very large audience with over 1000 customers each month. This is a fantastic opportunity to introduce your branding to the industry.

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Take a look at our sponsorship brochure to help decide areas of the business would be suitable for your sponsored brand.

Arena Advertising

Arena board advertising is a fantastic way to reach local customers whilst they socialise. It allows you to reach more people faster and cheaper, giving you exposure 365 days of the year.

Interior and exterior Arena
advertising boards

The Massage Pad can be used before and after Treadmill sessions, TheraPlate sessions and during the time an Arc Equine can be on for. The Massage Pad is clinically proven to increase back flexibility and promote relaxation. This is a brilliant tool which can be used on horses in full work or box rest.

Class Sponsorship

Become a class sponsor for our Premier Dressage Championships and get your brand advertised at our Qualifiers throughout the North West. The package includes your brand name on Rosettes which will be supplied to over 40 qualifiers in the North West at 13 different venues, banners up for the duration of the weekend show (supplied banner), brand included in class name i.e. the ‘Brand Name Preliminary 13’, tagged in all relevant Facebook posts, Included on all advertising – Flyers, posters etc and a Facebook post on our page solely for your brand. Prices start from £275.

Show Sponsorship

Sponsor one of our unaffiliated competitions whether it’s our Dressage or Combined Training. The package includes your brand name on both tails of the rosettes, your own flyer distributed to all the competitors and your banner displayed for the duration of the show. Prices start from £100.

Flyer Sponsorship

Get your brand on our Major Event/ Livery flyers. Flyers are distributed throughout the North West. Prices start from £50.

Rosette Sponsorship

Sponsor as many rosettes as you wish (minimum of 100). You will get your brand on both rosette tails. Crow Wood Equestrian hold a minimum of 3 competitions each month with 100’s of competitors attending. Prices start from £160.

Major Event Sponsorship

We run on average 6 Major Events per year. Major events receive massive publicity on our social media and at regular weekly events. The package includes your brand on all advertising, you can also be the sole exhibitor at the event. Prices start from £300.